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Vinegars, Soy Sauce, and Hot Sauce

Lindera Farms

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Lindera Farm's owner, Daniel Liberson, sources local ingredients around Virginia for his vinegar and sauces. The Honey Vinegar is made from honey near his farm and is a rich, slightly sweet vinegar with low acidity. It is a great addition to any salad. The Ramp Vinegar is made with ramps foraged by Daniel himself. It's bright onion/garlic flavor is great on vegetables of any kind. The Soy Sauce is made from dark, rich, locally grown black soy beans. It is finished with apple wood to give it a touch of smokiness. Drizzle over meats, stews, and sautéed vegetables to elevated the flavors of your cooking. The Scotch Bonnet and Aji Pepper hot sauce is a must in every pantry. It has a kick of heat but excellent flavor that will not overwhelm the palate. The Strawberry Vinegar goes great with anything that strawberries go well with!

100 ml bottles