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Revered as the birthplace of American Country Music and the heart of Bluegrass Music, Appalachia is also the source of exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. These coveted skills were once essential to life in the Appalachian Mountains. Over time the priceless artisan skills and techniques were handed down to subsequent generations to ensure the continuity of the region’s culture and craftsmanship. 

Endowed with abundant natural resources, Appalachia is a vast and picturesque region that boasts 420 counties across 13 states and spans 205,000 square miles from southern New York to northern Mississippi. The region is home to one of the most breathtaking vistas in North America, such as the Luray Caverns in Virginia and the New River Gorge in West Virginia. 

Appalachia is a wondrous region of spectacular, recherché beauty and exquisite artisanal goods made with love and tradition passed down by master craftsmen that were true paragons.