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3.5 oz Jars of Salt

J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

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Our line of finishing salts comes in 6 flavors in our 3.5 oz jars. The coarse texture is perfect for seasoning your food just before eating to get the crunchiness and a pop of flavor. 

6 flavors:

Heirloom (plain) to use for everyday cooking

Applewood Smoked use to add a touch of sweet smokiness to your roasted meats and vegetable

Bourbon Barrel Smoked is a partnership with Smooth Ambler Distillery. The oak barrels add a strong smokiness to the salt

Ghost Pepper is just the right level of spiciness. Add a kick to eggs, potatoes, or a salad

Ramp is made with locally harvested wild Appalachian onions. Add to hamburgers, sliced vegetables, or fish. 

Mushroom Herb is a partnership with Hernshaw Farms which is turning mine land to farm land with their mushroom blocks. A blend of several mushrooms, rosemary, thyme and black papper. This salt is a natural for meats before cooking. It is also great on tofu and roasted vegetables.