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Through the Fading Darkness

J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile

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A British colonist, a young slave girl, two powerful Native American chiefs, and an indentured servant from Ireland struggle to survive after a series of gruesome murders on Virginia’s frontier in 1774. During the calamitous events that follow, each person must find a path through the darkness of grief to save themselves and their families. Some discover an inner strength they did not think possible. Others sink to the deepest recesses of their humanity. In the end, no one is left unchanged.

Based on actual events described in previously unpublished 18th century family records, Through the Fading Darkness captures the hope and tragedy of life on the Appalachian frontier just before the American Revolution. Told through the eyes of John Dickinson, Chief Cornstalk, Lydia Townsend, Sylvie, Chief Logan, and dozens of traders, immigrants, and frontiersmen, Through the Fading Darkness is a true-to-life adventure story about the values and priorities we all share as human beings, and the people of Colonial America who risked everything to live free.

Available in soft cover and hardback.