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Spurtle Jurtle

Allegheny Treenware

Spurtle Jurtle
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Allegheny Treenware is an American company focused on the production of wooden kitchen utensils. It has been proudly owned and operated by Stanley and Sue Jennings for over 25 years. All products are MADE IN THE USA, with quality West Virginia hardwoods that, if taken care of, will serve your cooking needs for years to come.  Currently stocking 6 different cherry wood items:

10" Spurtle Jurtle great spreading, stirring, or used as a spatula

Proper care for your Treenware would include washing by hand and occasionally oiling the item, preferably with mineral or olive oil. New items will develop a fuzzy feeling after being washed and used for the first time, this is caused by the grain in the wood raising after being exposed to hot water. This will gradually go away with use, or you can also easily remove it by lighlty sanding your treenware with a fine grit sand paper.